2018 Victorian State Election

In the lead up to the 2018 Victorian State Election, we asked each of the parties contesting the seat of Hawthorn to tell us where they stand on Camberwell Green and what they will do to support the campaign.

Liberal Party

John Pesutto MP

State Member for Hawthorn and Shadow Attorney General

I am proud to support the Camberwell Green project and I have done so since the idea was first brought to my attention two years ago.

I have been able to liaise with the Camberwell Green team to bring together stakeholders and interested persons and was recently honoured to be able to invite my colleagues, including the Shadow Environment Minister, to the launch of the project. 

Daniel Andrews and the Labor Party have weakened local planning protections leading to a free-for-all of over-development in our suburbs threatening open space in our area.


In addition to supporting the Camberwell Green project providing local Camberwell residents and workers access to a wonderful park, a Liberal Government will also introduce strict planning rules in order to stop this happening to other areas around Boroondara. 


I have supported this project since its conception, and will continue to do so into the future.​

Labor Party

John Kennedy, Candidate for Hawthorn; and

Nina Taylor, Candidate for the Southern Metropolitan Region

It is much appreciated that the Camberwell Greens Parklands group contacted the Labor Party, specifically the Hon Philip Dalidakis MLC, lower house candidate, John Kennedy, and upper house candidate Nina Taylor about wanting to restore green space in Camberwell.


John Kennedy and Nina Taylor were delighted to represent the Labor Party and participate in the launch of Camberwell Green in October 2018.


It is so inspiring to see local parents prioritising parkland, cleaner air, and the safety of their children over asphalt. If elected (re-election for Philip Dalidakis) your Labor members will advocate for Camberwell Green parklands and work collaboratively with Council to achieve the best possible outcome for locals.



Sue Pennicuik MLC

Candidate for Southern Metropolitan Region; and

Nicholas Bieber

Candidate for Hawthorn


The Greens support the vision of Camberwell Green to increase the amount of green space in the Camberwell Junction precinct by transforming the crown land adjacent to the Civic Centre into green open space.


The Greens have a proud history of defending green spaces and public land for the community. We agree that as the population and development increases, existing green spaces need to be defended and extended and new public open spaces created to enable people to have access to open space within walking distance. It is also important that with increased density in housing and commercial development, that measures are implemented to prevent the 'heat island' effect in our cities and suburbs.​

While the City of Boroondara has not stated a position on this proposal, we believe it is keeping with its open Space Strategy 2013, which with regard to Camberwell, identifies that:

Open space is not as well distributed in the southern and western areas in the precinct, where people need to travel further than an easy walk of their home or workplace to reach open space. The majority of these gap areas coincide with areas of forecast change with one of the key locations being the Camberwell Junction Activity Centre. Higher density residential and non-residential development in and around this centre is forecast to continue. Additional Local and Small Local open space is recommended to cater for the forecast change and provide for the existing population. (p20)


I think this is a wonderful idea and I can’t believe Boroondara Council hasn’t jumped at this already for the sake of some car parking. Open spaces, heritage, recreation are all things we are desperate for and important to me too.


Overdevelopment has seen some real logistical issues and car parking is one of them, which is one of the things I would address, should we get the chance. One of Sustainable Australia’s biggest policies is give the power back to the local communities (without the bureaucracy) and really trying to get a better balance between developments and the community. I love the idea of this parkland not only for the open space but I’m a strong believer in heritage too. Having children school age, I can empathise with importance of getting outdoors.


The reason why I have put my hand up to help this area is the lack of passion and drive which seems to derive from being a safe Liberal seat. I really think Sustainable Australia has some great policies and I think they have a strong future. They have common-sense policies which one can relate too. If you’d like any more information on this, please have a look at our website www.sustainableaustralia.org.au

Sustainable Australia

Sophie Paterson

Candidate for Hawthorn