Boroondara Local Government Elections 2020

It’s time to vote in the local government elections. If restoring our historic parkland for community benefit matters to you, then these are the candidates standing in Boroondara who are committed and supportive. We urge you to give them your support. We’ve provided a link to those who have websites.


Junction Ward:              Di Gillies

Gardiner Ward:             Victor Franco and Terence Guthridge

Riversdale Ward:          Susan Biggar, Robert Baillieu and Nicholas Bieber

Studley Ward:                Annabel Yates

Bellevue Ward:              Greg Ball, Alex Sawyer, Sienna Watson and Astrid Judge

Maling Ward:                 Peter Campbell, Rob Dennis, James Damches, Peter Barclay and Kristy McIlvenna

Maranoa Ward:             Dennis Whelan

Glenferrie Ward:           Wes Gault and Luke Balasingam

Solway Ward:                 Alan Jane and Sam Fitchett

There are no fully supportive candidates in the following wards, therefore on the basis of the limited responses received, it appears the following candidates may be open to providing support:

Cotham Ward:                Bill Young

Lynden Ward:                 Lisa Hollingsworth

The above information was compiled after surveying all the candidates who made their contact details available. We posed two questions to candidates:

1. Do you support the restoration of the historic park established in 1869 in the heart of Camberwell Junction, which was for a century a public park for local residents and an outdoor play space for school children?


2. Alternatively, if Council will not support restoring the park, would you support the land being restored to open green space and transferred to Camberwell Primary School for children to use during school hours and the wider community after hours?

We were delighted by the interest and support we received from new candidates. Regrettably, a number of sitting councillors as well as some new candidates showed no interest, refused to respond or sat on the fence.

Voting for the Boroondara Council election closes on Friday 23rd October 2020 at 6pm.  Please give careful consideration to the survey responses from the nominated candidates below.


Sienna Watson / Yes / Yes

Alex Sawyer / Yes / Yes

Greg Ball / Yes / Yes

Astrid Judge / Yes / Yes

Austin King / No response / No response

Jim Parke / No response / No response



Bill Young / Maybe / Maybe

Keiron Long / No response / No response

Felicity Sinfield / No response / No response



Victor Franco / Yes / Yes

Simon Denton / Maybe / Yes

Catherine Diggins / Maybe / Maybe

Terence Guthridge / Yes / Yes

Greg Selkirk / Declined to participate in our survey



Luke Balasingam / Yes / Yes

Wes Gault / Yes / Yes

Henry Kerr / No response / No response

Lindon Parbery / No response / No response

Florence Edwards / No response / No response

Steve Hurd / No response / No response



Di Gillies / Yes / Maybe

Greg Deakin / Maybe / Yes

Ralph Krein / Maybe / Maybe

Rowan Story / No response / No response



Lisa Hollingsworth / Maybe / Maybe

Carl Le / No response / No response

Charlotte Wang / No response / No response



Rob Dennis / Yes / Yes

James Damches / Yes / Yes

Peter Barclay / Yes / Yes

Peter Campbell / Yes / Maybe

Kristy McIlvenna / Yes / No

Jane Addis / Maybe / No or Maybe

Anthony Deicmanis / No response / No response

Richard Wilson / Declined to participate in our survey



Dennis Whelan / Yes / Yes

Yolanda Torrisi / Declined to participate in our survey

Cynthia Watson / Declined to participate in our survey

Chris Pattas / No response / No response

Helen Tsoutsouvas / No response / No response

Mark Newlan / No response / No response

Bonnie Brown / No contact details provided



Susan Biggar / Yes / Yes

Nicholas Bieber / Yes / Yes

Robert Baillieu / Yes / Yes

Paul Dipnall / No response / No response

Emily Kusay / No response / No response

Sali Miftari / No response / No response



Alan Jane / Yes / Yes

Sam Fitchett / Yes / Maybe

Garry Thompson / No response / No response



Annabel Yates / Yes / Yes

Nick Stavrou / No response / No response

Ander Pedersen / No response / No response

Qiqi Chen / No response / No response

Michele Agustin-Guarino / No response / No response

Amelia Clark / No contact details provided

Kym Sullivan / No contact details provided


Please click here to view completed surveys.

Authorised by Dr Bryony Cosgrove, 6 Moorhouse Street Camberwell VIC  3124, on behalf of the Camberwell Green Steering Committee.

© 2018 Camberwell Green & Camberwell Junction Residents Association