Frequently asked questions

Will the changes to Reserve Road cause traffic chaos?

No. While a central segment of Reserve Road will be dedicated to parkland, vehicle access into and out of Reserve Road will be improved.

  • All driveways in Reserve Road will remain accessible
  • All remaining parts of Reserve Road will be two way
  • Entry and egress to Reserve Road from both Camberwell Road and Burke Road, providing more options and flexibility for drivers.

What will this mean for school pick up and drop off?

Pick-up and drop-off for children at Camberwell Primary School that are not able to walk to school will be simpler and easier.

  • Entry and exit into Reserve Road from both Camberwell Road and Burke Road
  • Exclusive pick up and drop off bays
This will provide greater flexibility for parents and carers, who currently can only enter from Camberwell Road and can only exit to the left (ie southbound) on Burke Road, unless they attempt a difficult u-turn. In addition, unifying the two campuses of Camberwell Primary School will overcome many of the logistical challenges faced by parents and carers.

Won’t this mean there will be insufficient parking for residents and visitors?

No. Only Council staff using private vehicles to commute to work will be affected. Parking studies have revealed that during the week the car park is utilised almost entirely as a commuter carpark by staff from the adjacent Boroondara Council offices. Operational vehicles needed and used by Council will not be impacted. Council staff driving to work in their private cars regularly and routinely overstay the parking limits but do not receive parking fines. As a result, 98 - 100% of spaces nominally available to the public are routinely occupied by Council staff. After hours, on weekends and public holidays, when Council staff are not at work, the carpark remains largely empty. If Council staff are required to comply with timed parking restrictions, like everyone else in our community, then an enormous amount of short stay car parking in the area will immediately become available for community use.

Will any new additional parking spaces be provided?

Yes. Our proposal recommends the provision of additional new short stay angle parking in Inglesby Road and along Reserve Road, along the perimeter of Camberwell Green. In addition, if staff at the City of Boroondara Council are required to comply with on and off-street parking regulations when using their private vehicles in the same manner that all other members of the community are, then it will mean that an enormous amount of parking will be freed up in local streets and also in the Inglesby Road Carpark. The Inglesby Road car park has 146 x 2hr carparks, but these are mostly used for commuter car parking by Council staff using private vehicles to drive to work.

Why are Council staff not issued parking fines for overstaying timed parking limits in the streets and carparks of Camberwell?

Unlike residents, ratepayers, visitors and all other employees of any other businesses in and around Camberwell, Council staff commuting to work in their private vehicles do not receive parking fines for overstaying timed parking limits in their private vehicles. Boroondara Council issues discrete permits to its staff free of charge, which they affix to the windscreen of their cars. Cars with such permits are not issued fines. We are unaware of the number of such permits in circulation, but we know the number is large. All the nominally ‘public’ short stay 2 hours carparks along Inglesby Road are almost entirely occupied by Council staff commuting to work. So too are the on-street 2 hours parking spaces in the streets around Council offices.

How will the proposal improve road safety for children?

At present, Camberwell Primary School has two campuses, separated by Reserve Road, which detrimentally impacts on safety, amenity and educational outcomes. Unifying the two campuses will resolve the continual challenges faced by children needing or seeking to cross from one campus to another. It will also mean that children, siblings and friends won’t be needlessly segregated and that facilities on both campuses will be readily available and accessible at all times. This arrangement, coupled with improved pick up and drop off and u-turn facilities at either side of Reserve Road, will reduce the daily potential conflict between pedestrians and drivers.

How will Camberwell Green be used?

Imagine a place where our local community can meet and play. An amphitheatre harnessing the natural slope of the land, for theatre and musical performances, a Camberwell Jazz Festival, carols at Christmas, an occasional outdoor classroom and stage for performances by children, Anzac Day ceremonies, art and craft exhibitions. Imagine high quality playgrounds that could be used by school children and the broader community. Imagine bbq facilities and tables, where our children can celebrate their birthday parties with friends and family. Imagine Camberwell Library opening out onto Camberwell Green, cafes with outdoor tables and chairs for patrons in a serene garden landscape with charming vistas, instead of the existing café which faces the hard edged paved area of a carpark... There is so much potential!

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