About us

We are a group of Camberwell residents, ratepayers, parents, business people and representatives of community organisations who are passionate about our local community.


Many of us are parents with children at Camberwell Primary School and we witness the impact of the insufficient open space experienced by about 700 children on a daily basis, while adjacent Crown land is being used as a commuter carpark instead of the public purposes for which it was historically intended.


We joined together in 2017 on a voluntary basis to work towards a visionary proposal to transform the civic centre of Camberwell to give back the open space to the children and community of Camberwell.


31a. Pulbic Garden with people relaxing.
Our Team
Steering Committee

Meg Boyle (Chair)

Sarah Groves-Taylor (Deputy Chair)

Julianne Jaques

Danielle Conquest

Alana Green

Graeme Christianson

Gina Morris

Lauren Pant

Bryony Cosgrove



Campaign Coordinators:  Meg Boyle & Sarah Groves-Taylor

​Architectural Services:  Graeme Christianson (Loft Architecture)

​Social Media Coordinator: Gina Morris

​Project Management/Volunteer Coordinator: Lauren Pant

​Promotional Materials Coordinator: Alana Green

​Web and Social Media Coordinators: Danielle Conquest & Lauren Pant

Audio Visual Coordinator: Julianne Jaques

If you are able to assist us in any way,                                               We need your help to make this vision a reality.